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Try Out Paddle Boarding this Summer

July 14, 2017 by  
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paddle-boardingPaddle boarding is the sport in which you stand on a board and move yourself along with a paddle. It is becoming one of the most popular outdoor sporting activities across the globe, and it offers you a great full body core workout. It can be done on virtually any body of water, including the ocean, lakes, rivers and even swimming pools. This sport can be done by people of all ages, skill levels and experience.

Optimum Conditions

It is recommended that you select a relatively calm body of water to paddle board on for your first try. That way you can get accustomed to balancing yourself on the board before trying to do so with heavy rocking motions. Try paddle boarding for the first time on a day that has little or no wind as well.

Getting on the Paddle Board

The big question that everyone has is how do you get on the paddle board once you get it in the water? First of all, you want to make sure that the board is in the water so that the fin of the board isn’t hitting the bottom. Then, you can climb onto the board by grabbing the edges just above the center of the board, placing your knees in the center of the board. You should be in a kneeling position near the center of the board after getting onto the board. Take the paddle and conduct a few strokes to get a feel of the paddle board and moving while on the board.

Standing on the Paddle Board

To stand on the board, slowly stand up with one foot at a time, staying in the middle of the board with your feet parallel. Keep a slight bend in your knees, and keep your core centered over the board. Once you’re fully standing on the board, remember to keep your knees bent and to use your hips to balance yourself against the wobble of the board. The key to learning how to stand up on a paddle board and stay up on it is to learn how to master the wobbling motion of the board.

Paddling While Standing

Once you’ve mastered standing up on the paddle board, use the paddle to conduct strokes to move along the water. Always hold the paddle from the top of the handle—not like a broomstick. Position one hand at the top of the paddle and the other hand on the shaft instead of putting both hands on the shaft. This can help you immensely with conducting strokes.

Photo credit: James Willamor / / CC BY-SA