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East Grace Pond 431 Acre Timberland Investment

  • Listing Number: 117
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  • Timberland-Commercial
  • Woodlot
  • Status: Available
  • Price: $297,000
  • Address: East Grace Pond Road
  • Town: Upper Enchanted
  • County: Somerset
  • State: ME
  • Latitude: 45.480114
  • Longitude: -70.168047
  • Acreage: 431

Location Features

  • Annual Property Tax: $520
  • Lake Frontage
  • Water Frontage
  • Water Views
  • Road Access: Private
  • Road Type: Gravel
  • Road Frontage: 1.5 miles
  • Electric Utilities: No
  • Telephone Lines: No

Property Description

  • Description:

    This contiguous tract is a prime timberland asset for a diversified investment portfolio. There are many reasons to own and treat timberland as an investment. The key is to look at the benefits of good timberland.

    The East Grace Pond Tract is sufficiently large enough at 431 acres to be a stand-alone timber management unit. It is designated as Conservation Land which forest land management is allowed. All of the wood can be landed to the nearly 1.5 miles of road which borders the property or passes through it; no new road needs to be constructed to get to the timber. The property is located approximately 4.5 miles from Route 201 and is accessed by a well-built timber haul road. This road is a legal way to the property with no timber use tolls.

    For the most part, the topography of the property is favorable for timber harvesting. The terrain from Grace Pond to the road is flat. From the road to the east boundary, the land rises with the majority being operable. Spruce and fir dominate the flats while a mature hardwood stand occurs in the southeastern 200 acres. The remaining land is composed of a mixture of spruce-fir and hardwood species.

    Markets for these species are within easy trucking of the property. There is a studmill near Jackman and Canadian log mills can be reached from Route 201 as well. To the south there are a number of pulp mills that routinely buy roundwood and chips from the Grace Pond area.

    One aspect of this timberland investment is the potential for an income stream. Timberland as an investment is usually looked upon as a long-term venture. This is true with the East Grace Pond Tract. There is plenty of growing stock, especially spruce and fir, that in time would yield a good income. There is also nearly 200 acres of mature timber that can provide immediate cash. This stand is composed of some high quality white birch, yellow birch, red maple and especially sugar maple log quality trees.

    Another viable income consideration, unique to this property, is a maple sugar operation. The stand composition of the 200 acres is nearly half sugar maple on a south east slope. These trees can be tapped annually and the sap can be collected by a gravity fed network of tubing to the roadside. An annual income can be realized by selling the sap, making and selling the syrup or a tap stumpage fee.

    Carrying costs for the long term are minimal. The property is enrolled in the Tree Growth Tax Program which affords the lowest tax valuation allowed under State law. Road maintenance costs are shared by all owners served by the private road system.

    The East Grace Pond Tract is a viable timberland investment which is located in the forest "bread basket" of Maine. It would make a nice addition for the sophisticated investor looking to diversify into an often overlooked asset by the masses but one that has proved a solid venture over time.


  • Owner Financing: Not Available
  • Surveyed
  • Tree Growth Tax Savings

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Area Recreation

  • ATV Trail
  • Boating
  • Canoeing
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Hunting
  • Kayaking
  • Snowmobiling
  • Walking Trail

Community Features

  • Association Fee
  • Boating
  • Private Road
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