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My Land For Partridge

November 1, 2013 by  
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Female Ruffed Grouse

Another wildlife species that has taken a shine to MY LAND is the Ruffed Grouse or Partridge as Mainers fondly refer to this gamebird.  They seem to like foraging for clover along the edge of my lawn where it meets the woods as well as among the Christmas trees.  I also find them along my overgrown woods trails. 

Maile Ruffed Grouse in Full Display

This year a pair has found the plentiful acorns under the oak trees.  I know you are wondering ,”How does a partridge eat an acorn with its chicken-like beak?”  Through my bedroom window observatory, I have witnessed gray and red squirrels eating the nuts from the tree tops as well as from the ground.  They are quite messy eaters and let a sizeable amount of the nut meat fall to the ground.  Couple this with the occasional deer utilizing the same feeding habits and the blue jays pecking at the acorns in the tree tops (again with a sizeable amount of nut meat dropping to the ground); now there is a considerable amount of acorn pieces littering the ground.  Along comes Mr. and Mrs. Partridge for an easy meal.

Male "Ruffie"

My “low key, low cost” land management strategy benefits nature.  From deer to turkeys and now partridge (and yes blue jays and squirrels), it is relatively easy to provide habitat for a variety of wildlife species.  If you are a lover of the outdoors and its creatures, consider being a landowner.  Work the land to benefit the animals that are most fond to you.  

Hen Partridge