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My Land For Deer–2014

October 22, 2014 by  
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Doe With Three Youngsters Feeding on Acorns

Doe With Three Youngsters Feeding on Acorns

For the past few weeks the acorns have been steadily dropping from the oaks in my yard. Just like the changing of the seasons, mother deer showed up recently with not her usual compliment of twins; this time she has triplets!

Of course I am assuming it is the same doe that has been visiting for the past 4 years. It very well may be. This time she is looking a bit grizzled and gaunt too. If you look closely, you can plainly see her ribs showing. No doubt the strain of nursing 3 youngsters has worn her down. Hopefully the acorns and leftovers in the garden will help fatten her up for the winter.

Deer in My Back Yard

Deer in My Back Yard

If it is the same doe, she has been very productive; 3 consecutive years with twins coupled with this year’s additions. They appear healthy and all three are about the same size. This is unlike the “twinning” years when one was a runt and the other was bigger than average.

Again, another “fringe” benefit of owning rural land in Maine’s Northwoods, enjoy the rest of Fall!