Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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My first post under this category was a short history and description of my property.  For this post, I will describe some simple techniques that I employed to enhance the indigenous wildlife populations.

The first winter after purchasing the 49 acres, I obtained two wood duck nest boxes and put them up overlooking the beaver bog on the east rectangle.  The boxes were used occasionally by the targeted species, wood duck and hooded merganser.  For several years one box was used by mice.  During another check, I surprised a little brown bat.

Around my home, I cleared approximately 1.5 acres.  This provided a small field and “edge” with the surrounding forest which attracted several bird species to nest; including robins and chipping sparrows.  I left approximately 12 mature oaks which have produced acorns every year.  The fallen nuts have attracted deer, turkey, porcupine, ruffed grouse, gray and red squirrel.  At dusk I have observed flying squirrels harvesting acorns from the tree crowns.  I have also put out bird houses which have been used by tree swallows and chickadees.

During the first timber harvest (more on this in a future post), I had the cutting crew leave a huge white pine tree.  This lone sentinel was used over the years as a roosting tree for bald eagles and ospreys.  One year it was used as a nest site by goshawks.  Unfortunately its dominance in a sea of young trees attracted a lightning bolt during a particular nasty September thunderstorm.  About 20 feet up it was shattered into numerous slivers and slabs, some of which I found nearly 100 feet from its base.

At some point in time, I would like to put in 1 or 2 food plots and construct a pond.  Both of these endeavors will be costly; especially when compared to the rather simple (and inexpensive) techniques that I previously described.  My point is there is a multitude of improvements, running from the simple to the grandiose, that landowners can make to their property to attract wildlife.

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