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Fishing at Moosehead Lake

May 21, 2009 by  
Filed under Moosehead Lake Land, Recreation and Wildlife

Burnt Jacket Shores at Moosehead Lake is an ideal setting for the avid fisherman.  Moosehead Lake is home to a world-class salmonid fishery.  Three notable species can be caught from these waters; brook trout, landlock salmon and togue (lake trout).

Trolling is by far the most popular method for catching fish on Moosehead Lake.  Streamers, spoons, plugs and sewn smelts are the preferred bait.  Soon after ice-out these species can be found near the top.  Regular line and a few colors of lead line are commonly used.  As summer progresses and the water warms, the fish move deeper.  Down-riggers and several colors of lead line must be used to reach the fish.

Fishing from a drifting or anchored boat with live bait and jigs can be rewarding particularly for togue.  Fly-fishing in protected coves, especially in the late afternoon/early evening, can elicit a strike from a cruising salmon or square-tail.

Two to three pound salmon are not uncommon with some tipping the scales in excess of five pounds.  Brook trout up to 5 lbs are regularly caught especially early during the ice-fishing season in shallow water near the shores.  Togue in the 2-3 pound class are common with an occasional 10+ pounder.  This past February one lucky ice fisherman caught a togue that was just shy of 30 lbs.

The fishing regulations are comprehensive and folks who plan to ply the waters of Moosehead Lake should consult the fishing rule book put out by Maine Department of Fish & Wildlife.