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My first April post last year hinted at an economic recovery from the previous year.  How has the market performed since then?

Well I am happy to report that the US economy is better now than it was 11 months ago.  The DOW is hovering around 12,400 as compared to under 11,000; consumer confidence has been steady and is slightly up from last April; personal spending, manufacturing and foreign markets are all up.  On the down side are home values which, however, are predicted to rise later this year.

When I made the report last year, I was hoping the numbers were more than just “wishful thinking”.  Looking back, I can say things did get better.  What about the current numbers?  Personally, I feel better about the economy than I did last year.  Do not misunderstand me, things are not booming; but seem to be moving in the right direction.

A recent report indicates that more money is going into the stock market and at a faster rate than in the past few years.  For those looking to invest, consider land as another vehicle to diversify your portfolio.  Wilderness Realty has a great inventory with good deals.  We have added a considerable number of listings to our inventory this past Fall/Winter.  Check out our website or better yet call 207-947-7957 and make an appointment for a showing.