Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Granted, one does not need 78 acres to grow a vegetable garden; it is, however, an important use of my land.  We actually have 5 separate garden spots; there is the main garden which is approximately 70’ x 25’, a smaller 20’ x 6’ strip, a 10’ x 10’ winter squash garden and two 4’ x 8’ raised beds.

We grow a variety of produce which yields fresh veggies from early May to late October.  We start by planting one of the raised beds as early as possible with leaf lettuce, bibb lettuce, radishes, spinach, spring onions, Chinese cabbage and bok choy.  This bed can be covered to protect from frost and heavy rains.  We are eating from this spot first along with the perennial asparagus growing in part of the strip garden.  The other raised bed has dill and walking onions.  There is also additional space in the second raised bed to transplant lettuce, etc. from the first bed.

The other gardens are planted, weather permitting, by the first week of June.  The main garden has edible pod peas, potatoes, corn, cucumbers, pole beans, bush beans, carrots, red beets, onions, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts.  The strip garden has summer squash, cauliflower, hot & sweet peppers.  There are 4 varieties of winter squash growing in their separate spot.

We may also grow several varieties of each vegetable, for instance, there are three kinds of onions, two kinds of carrots, two kinds of potatoes etc.  We freeze, can, pickle, ferment and dehydrate our surplus veggies to carry us through until the next growing season.  Of course we are eating fresh produce as each comes into season.  Nothing like taking a stroll through the garden, picking what is ready and concocting a meal.  At this time of year (mid-summer) the possibilities are endless.

Even with all the preserving and eating, we still have extras.  This I give away to friends and family.  I know some people who sell the excess and make a little pocket change.  Others intentionally plant more than they can use in order to supplement their income.

Gardening is yet another viable use of MY LAND.