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Good Time for Land Showings

April 11, 2012 by  
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Falls at Wesserunsett Stream

Falls at Wesserunsett Stream

Spring is my favorite time of year to look at Maine land.  This year’s vernal season is shaping up to be very similar to that of 2010; which was warm, snow-free and dry.

Walking in the woods seems to be easier this time of year.  There are no leaves on the trees and bushes, the ferns have not yet sprouted, and the winter snows have compacted much of the brush; consequently, one’s view through the forest is less obstructed.

Another benefit of being in Maine’s spring time woods is the increase chance of observing wildlife.  For some reason the forest animals are less spooky.  It could be that most are preoccupied with mating or feeding after surviving the winter.  Most bird species are in their spectacular breeding plumage and the woods are alive with their various songs.

So far this year, Maine has been blessed with dry weather.  It has been a bit cool, so a light jacket and boots are necessary for a comfortable woodland hike.

If you are in the market, give us a call and make an appointment to look at one of our beautiful properties.  Break out the Spring gear and be ready for an invigorating walk in the woods and cure those winter blues.  Don’t be a procrastinator, this special time will only last a few weeks at best.