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Finding Pirate Treasure in Maine

July 18, 2017 by  
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Maine-treasureIf you are looking to plan a family vacation, you should probably consider going to Maine. There are several legends that state lost treasure has been buried along the coastlines, and only one person has yet to claim any of the booty.

The theory behind all of the buried treasure is that the labyrinth of islands that make up Casco Bay offered the perfect place to hide treasure. The labyrinth was so perfect, that many of the legends report the treasures to have never been collected once hidden.

It is reported that a local man, John Wilson, stumbled upon one of the treasures in 1853. As he was longing along the jetties, he slipped and one leg went between the rocks. As he was trying to free himself, he noticed an old coffee pot. Upon inspection, Wilson found that the pot was filled with old Spanish coins. Wilson profited $12,000 from that find.

One legend states that Captain Keiff lived on Cliff Island, and he used passing ships to acquire his treasure. He would walk the coast of the island with a lantern, guiding the ships into shallow waters that had sharp rocks just below the surface. When the hands abandoned ship, Keiff and his crew would go loot the ships and hide the treasure. Legend has it that Keiff accumulated over $400,000 in wealth through his tour guide methods.

There is another legend that tells of a large cache of treasure on Jewel Island. Supposedly, Captain Chase served as one of Captain Kidd’s men. During Chase’s service, he managed to steal all of Kidd’s wealth. It is believed that he buried the treasure in hopes of retrieving it after his service ended, but that he never returned to do so.

If one were to believe all of the legends and stories involving treasure that has been buried along the New England coastline of Maine, they would know that legends tell of over $35,000,000 worth of treasure just waiting to be dug up.

Next time you think of vacationing, you may want to check on taking a trip to Maine. If you are one of the lucky few, you may walk away a millionaire. If you do not find buried treasure, at least you could say that you had an interesting vacation traipsing along the coastlines looking for signs that someone was trying very hard to hide something.


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