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Enjoy the Fun of Snorkeling

July 12, 2017 by  
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snorkelerSnorkeling involves wearing a goggle mask which is equipped with a breathing tube; this breathing tube allows snorkelers to swim under the first few inches of water, so that the tube is still above water for air to be breathed in,

There are also snorkeling tubes with a guard that closes when the person swims deeper under the water, and holds their breath, which allows snorkelers to dive down to the coral below, or swim with schools of fish. There are many tips that people can utilize when snorkeling to not only ensure a safe experience, but also an exhilarating one as well.

Choosing the Right Equipment

First of all, it’s crucial that people look for the proper snorkeling equipment that fits them correctly, and allows them to snorkel safely. Before a snorkel is chosen, it’s important that people learn how to prevent fogginess from forming in their mask, unless of course they already have an anti-fog snorkeling mask to begin with.

The main causes for a mask to become foggy is due to oils and dust debris accumulating within the mask; with oils and debris present, moisture will easily cover the inside of the mask. To prevent this issue, snorkelers can clean their mask with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste, and then rinse it out thoroughly, or they may also opt to use an anti-fog spray. However, once the mask has been cleaned, it should not be touched with fingers on the inside, as this is what causes the mask to fog in the first place.

Moving on to the next phase of selecting the proper equipment, like mentioned earlier, a snorkel with a splash guard, also known as a dry snorkel is advisable for those looking for the full snorkeling experience.

Whenever the swimmer dives below the surface of the water, a valve on a dry snorkel will close to keep water from entering the tube; furthermore, there is typically a purging valve on a dry snorkel to discharge water that may have entered the tube. Lastly, fins are one of the most important aspects for people looking to snorkel as well. When people are looking for fins, they should ensure that the fins fit snugly, and are comfortable; in addition, the fins should not fit too loosely or too tightly, or feel uncomfortable when worn. Good fins will allow snorkelers to swim with much less effort, and they will also help to keep people more balanced in the water as well.

Tips for Snorkeling

Before people jump right into the water, they should understand the currents in the area they are, and how weak or strong they are. In addition, it’s also advisable for people to get into the water from the beach, as opposed to a boat, unless they are with trained professional snorkelers. When in the water, it’s important that people swim slowly to avoid exhausting themselves, and they should also breath slowly and calmly. When people start getting the hang of things, they may attempt snorkeling dives in shallow areas first; for example, people may choose an area of coral to swim down to, and then slowly exhale as they’re returning to the surface.

As for holding their breath underwater, it’s best for people to acclimate themselves by inhaling and exhaling deeply for around five to ten seconds at a time, before going underwater. When they feel comfortable, they may inhale to fill their lungs with almost the entire capacity before diving; the reason for not filling their lungs entirely is because of the uncomfortable pressure this can cause on the body. Snorkelers may practice these techniques to get better each time they snorkel; not only will people be able to enjoy themselves, most importantly they will be snorkeling safely and cautiously.

Photo credit: robanhk / / CC BY-SA