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Moosehead Lake 25 Acres

This gorgeous 25 acre woodland tract includes over 2600 feet of water frontage on crystal-clear Moosehead Lake. This prime property offers sunset views and contains a true buildable peninsula which meets all setbacks. This unique geographic feature is densely forested with mature spruce, pine and hemlock. Its outermost tip juts into the deepwater portions Moosehead Lake. Imagine your dream cottage with views of Maine's most majestic lake from every vantage point.

This private, one of a kind property is accessed by an improved gravel road about 3.5 miles distant from a public, black topped road. The property has frontage on an interior, gated road. Utility options include power and phone. There are suitable soils for septic disposal. Fresh water can be supplied from the lake or drilled wells. As an added bonus, the timberland on this property is well managed and poised to provide future income.

Moosehead Lake is 40 miles long, 20 miles wide and 285 feet deep. It is the crown jewel of the North Maine Woods with its numerous recreational opportunities beckoning the outdoorsman. The area is known for its mountains, waterways and vast woodlands. Open and unfettered access is provided by generous landowners, State of Maine public lands and thousands of acres of conservation lands.

The property is only six miles north of Greenville located on the south shore of Moosehead Lake. The village is a gem waiting to be discovered by folks wanting to participate in an idyllic lifestyle. It's just a few minutes by auto or boat to several eateries including two four star restaurants, eclectic shops and more. Of course there are traditional grocery and hardware stores in-town for basic needs. Greenville also has a fully-staffed hospital for emergencies. The Moosehead region has provided an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life since the mid 1800s.

It's easy to get here, Bangor International Airport is 70 miles away and Greenville has a municipal airport offering charter air service and three seaplane ports. Portland Jetport is about a three hour drive.

When you arrive, you are in Thoreau's place, where time stands still.

Listing Number: 100
Acres: 25
Water Access: Lake Frontage||Water Frontage||Water Views
Price: $957000
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My first post under this category was a short history and description of my property.  For this post, I will describe some simple techniques that I employed to enhance the indigenous wildlife populations.

The first winter after purchasing the 49 acres, I obtained two wood duck nest boxes and put them up overlooking the beaver bog on the east rectangle.  The boxes were used occasionally by the targeted species, wood duck and hooded merganser.  For several years one box was used by mice.  During another check, I surprised a little brown bat.

Around my home, I cleared approximately 1.5 acres.  This provided a small field and “edge” with the surrounding forest which attracted several bird species to nest; including robins and chipping sparrows.  I left approximately 12 mature oaks which have produced acorns every year.  The fallen nuts have attracted deer, turkey, porcupine, ruffed grouse, gray and red squirrel.  At dusk I have observed flying squirrels harvesting acorns from the tree crowns.  I have also put out bird houses which have been used by tree swallows and chickadees.

During the first timber harvest (more on this in a future post), I had the cutting crew leave a huge white pine tree.  This lone sentinel was used over the years as a roosting tree for bald eagles and ospreys.  One year it was used as a nest site by goshawks.  Unfortunately its dominance in a sea of young trees attracted a lightning bolt during a particular nasty September thunderstorm.  About 20 feet up it was shattered into numerous slivers and slabs, some of which I found nearly 100 feet from its base.

At some point in time, I would like to put in 1 or 2 food plots and construct a pond.  Both of these endeavors will be costly; especially when compared to the rather simple (and inexpensive) techniques that I previously described.  My point is there is a multitude of improvements, running from the simple to the grandiose, that landowners can make to their property to attract wildlife.

Not a landowner yet?  Check out our inventory on our website   Feel free to drop me a line if something catches your interest.



October is traditionally the start of the hunting season in Maine.  This is when hunters ply the woods and waters of the State for small game and waterfowl.  The hunting season actually started last month for bear, local geese and urban deer.  The month of November is deer season when the sport really steps into high gear.  Grouse and inland duck season continue into December.  Sea duck hunting winds down in mid January and the long hare season is finally over at the end of March.

Maine is a rural state with ample game populations.  Just outside the built up portions of the city and towns, there are millions of acres that potentially can be hunted.  Some of this land is owned by the State and is open to hunting.  Private land can be hunted as well; provided that it is not posted.  Over the past several decades, the amount of private land available for hunting has been decreasing.  This puts more pressure on the State lands.

Some folks have discovered a way to guarantee their hunting future.  They bought Maine LAND.  This is a great way to preserve your hunting heritage and ensure that you and your children have a place to hunt.  Maine land is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the rest of the eastern seaboard.

Wilderness Realty has been specializing in this type of land for 20 years.  Check out our inventory on our website ( or better yet call (207-947-7957) and talk with a knowledgeable broker.  All our brokers hunt and our DB has a college degree in Wildlife Management.

Some notable properties in our current listings:

  • 41 acres in Dexter with two streams, paved road frontage and power; just $59,900.
  • How about 45 acres in Dover-Foxcroft, off the beaten path only $47,900; or
  • 88 acres in Fairfield with a hardwood ridge for only $89,900.

Call about our unadvertised special in Solon (it’s not even on our website); nearly 200 acres with a stream, beaver ponds, hardwood ridge, and miles of trails.  If you don’t get us on the first try, leave a message.  We are probably out hunting and will get back to you after dark.

Fishing at Moosehead Lake

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Burnt Jacket Shores at Moosehead Lake is an ideal setting for the avid fisherman.  Moosehead Lake is home to a world-class salmonid fishery.  Three notable species can be caught from these waters; brook trout, landlock salmon and togue (lake trout).

Trolling is by far the most popular method for catching fish on Moosehead Lake.  Streamers, spoons, plugs and sewn smelts are the preferred bait.  Soon after ice-out these species can be found near the top.  Regular line and a few colors of lead line are commonly used.  As summer progresses and the water warms, the fish move deeper.  Down-riggers and several colors of lead line must be used to reach the fish.

Fishing from a drifting or anchored boat with live bait and jigs can be rewarding particularly for togue.  Fly-fishing in protected coves, especially in the late afternoon/early evening, can elicit a strike from a cruising salmon or square-tail.

Two to three pound salmon are not uncommon with some tipping the scales in excess of five pounds.  Brook trout up to 5 lbs are regularly caught especially early during the ice-fishing season in shallow water near the shores.  Togue in the 2-3 pound class are common with an occasional 10+ pounder.  This past February one lucky ice fisherman caught a togue that was just shy of 30 lbs.

The fishing regulations are comprehensive and folks who plan to ply the waters of Moosehead Lake should consult the fishing rule book put out by Maine Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Hiking Opportunities at Moosehead Lake

The land around Moosehead Lake is dotted with several large mountain peaks (in excess of 2500 feet).  Several of these have short (max 3 miles) hiking trails to their summit affording tremendous views of the lake and surrounding mountains.  The longest hike is to the top of Big Moose Mountain.  Number 4 Mtn., Big Spencer Mtn., Mt. Kineo and Elephant Mtn. also have trails to spectacular vantage points.

These trails are great for ½ day to full day hikes.  Some can be steep; so you must be in reasonably good physical shape.  Be sure to wear a good pair of hiking boots and pack along some water, trail food, jacket and long pants.  The weather can change dramatically in this area, especially so atop the summits.

You can find these trails in The Maine Atlas, Maps 41 and 49.  There are descriptions of each in the front of this invaluable guide.  Pick a bluebird day and take a hike; the scenic rewards will be unforgettable.

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