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Raised Ranch on 29 Acres, Argyle Township

Raised Ranch on 29 acres in quiet country setting. This well-kept home sits over 400 feet from the Edinburg Road in Argyle Township. I-95 is 10 minutes away, Oldtown and the University of Maine are an easy commute while Bangor is less than a ½ hour drive. The area is sparsely populated and the taxes are LOW!

This 26' X 50' home sits on 29 acres. There is a detached 24' X 28' two car garage on a cement slab with power. There is a large garden area, two smaller ones, and two raised beds. The cleared area is over 1 acre and there is a small Christmas Tree farm. Behind the home, there is a trail that runs the perimeter of the property for over 6 tenths of a mile. A grove of large oaks completes the outside picture.

Inside there are three bedrooms and one bathroom. One of the bedrooms is currently used a sitting room. The remainder of the upstairs is open and includes the living room, kitchen and dining area. There are wood floors throughout the whole house except the master bedroom and entry stairs. The downstairs is unfinished and is wired for additional rooms.

The house has been heated primarily with a wood stove located in the basement. There is an oil fired forced hot air system in place as well. An enclosed screened in porch was added to the back of the home. It is a spacious 10' X 20' addition and is a great gathering spot in the Summer months.

This is a sturdy home that was built in 1990 by the broker. It would make a great homesite for a small family looking to live in a quiet country setting yet still an easy drive to the Oldtown/Orono/Bangor area. Make an appointment to see it today!

Listing Number: 141
Acres: 29
Water Access:
Price: $179900
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22 Acres, Argyle Township, Maine

Take notice of these 21 acres located in the rural countryside of Penobscot County. There is a 3 +/- acre field on the front portion of the property. A small stream flows through the parcel. Power and phone are available at roadside.

This property would make and ideal site for a home or cabin. It is located on Edinburg Road, aka Route 116, and it is 10 minutes to I-95, 20 minutes to Oldtown-Orono area and just under a half hour to Bangor. Its peaceful setting is home to a multitude of wildlife. It is not unusual to see a flock of turkeys or a deer feeding in the front field.

Whether you are looking for a place to build a home in the country or a hunting cabin with easy access, check out this property. You will not be disappointed!

Listing Number: 140
Acres: 22
Water Access: Stream Frontage
Price: $19900
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Farm House on 77.5 Acres, Solon, Maine


This is a rare opportunity to own a vintage Maine farmhouse with acreage. Downstairs there are two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, bathroom, laundry room and sitting room. Unique to the property is that the water is provided by a public system. In addition, there are two enclosed porches. Upstairs is unfinished and can accommodate an additional 2-3 bedrooms. Attached to the house is a shed and large barn, both with plenty of storage space. A detached shed provides even more room to keep things out of the weather. The home is winterized and heat is provided by hot water baseboard powered by an oil furnace/boiler system.

This well maintained farm sits back a way from Pleasant Street on 77.5 acres and is accessed by a tree-lined driveway. There are large, mowed fields on either side with apple trees dotted about. To the back of the buildings is a small pond. When one pulls into the driveway, you get a sense of peace and serenity with a nostalgic look back to a long ago era.

In addition to the farm and fields is the woodlot. A narrow woods road winds its way through the interior of the property. Towards the front, there are several fields with apple trees scattered about. As one drives deeper into the woodlot, the forest gets denser with a heavy pine component.

Solon is a small community at the foothills of Maine’s western mountains. The property is located on Pleasant Street a mile or so from the village center. There is plenty of recreational opportunities including fishing, hunting, boating and hiking. A snowmobile trail passes through the back portion of the land.

Real estate of this caliber does not hit the market very often. This particular property has been in a family ownership since the 1970s. Call now to find out more about this unique listing.

Listing Number: 139
Acres: 77.5
Water Access: Farm Pond
Price: $160900
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Finding Blueberries in Maine

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pyo blueberriesBlueberries in Maine

Every year people come to Maine to pick blueberries, wild or not they can be found all over the state and are enjoyed by locals and tourists. Blueberries are a superfood that can be enjoyed in smoothies, on yogurt, in a pie or all by themselves. They can be frozen and enjoyed in the cold winter months as well! Here you will find out when the best time to pick them is and where you can find them, both wild and grown by locals. We will also share the best way to freeze them!

Blueberry Hill Farm, Acton Maine

Here you will find highbush blueberries that can be picked from mid-July till September and sometimes even October! They are open every day from 8-5 as long as the berries are ripe. You can call 207.457.1151 to check before you make the trip.

Rupert Berry Farm, Turner Maine

Rupert’s started out as having strawberry fields but over the years they have changed from growing strawberries to blueberries. The blueberries are high bush and only $2.00 a pound when you pick them yourself.  The owners are both a delight to chat with and will show you right where to go. They also have pick your own raspberries but those go fast so call ahead at 207.966.2721

Wild blueberries

Streaked Mountain, Buckfield Maine

Here you will have to work to get your berries! It’s a quick, steep hike taking anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour depending what kind of shape you are in. But when you get to the top roam around, especially the back side of the tower on top to find the most berries. Don’t forget to bring a Ziploc bag!

Mount. Pisgah, Winthrop Maine

Another quick hike that offers many patches of blueberries right along the top of the mountain. You can even find some right on the edges of the trails so keep your eyes open. You’ll be even more rewarded once you climb the 60-foot fireman’s watch tower with amazing views!

Once you have your berries picked you’ll want to rinse them thoroughly under cool water.  Even if they are wild you’ll want to rinse off any bugs and tiny twigs you might have picked. Next, you’ll lay out the berries on a cookie sheet to dry for about an hour (If you were to rinse them and toss them in the freezer they would be a hard ball and impossible to cook with). You will then place the sheet of berries in the freezer for another hour. Once the berries are frozen you can put them in a freezer bag and use them for up to six months. They work great in smoothies and muffins!

Photo credit: Carrie Stephens via / CC BY

Camping Tip – Boiling Water for Safe Drinking

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boiling-water-on-campfire-300x243In the wilderness there are very few places to find water that is certainly safe to drink.  Water coming from the ground is usually your best shot, but there is no way of telling its actual source.  Does it come form a spring, or did it come from a run off stream that started from your local beaver bog?

In order to be certain water is safe to drink you will need to boil it.  You could use water filters or iodine tablets but if those options are unavailable you must boil any water you find.  Water in nature can and often does look crystal clear, sparkling and refreshing.  Never be fooled by the clarity of the water, it almost definitively has been contaminated with the feces of warm blooded animals, most commonly beaver.  This is where the term beaver fever comes from.  This contaminated water can cause giardia and typhoid fever.

Giardia is very common in survival situations, the feeling of thirst is over powering and often times people do not have a container to boil water in.  If you become contaminated with giardia your chance of survival plummets.  It is one of the fastest ways to dehydration. You will most likely be vomiting and have diarrhea together, which will cause you to lose body water rapidly.

Giardia.. Yuck!

Boiling water kills germs, bacteria and viruses, it does not however remove chemicals from water, it can actually concentrate them.  If you have a water source like a river flowing out of a major city or other source you believe could be contaminated with chemicals, that water should be chemical filtered, then boiled.

Many times people have containers like kayak helmets or other things that will hold water but are not able to be put over an open flame.  In this case you can use the rock boiling method.  Heat rocks over an open flame and then place them in the container until the water boils.

The question often arises as to how long you should boil water in order to make it safe.  Almost all sources on this subject have a different opinion leading to much confusion, even among experienced outdoorsman.  I follow the guidelines of science and the Wilderness Medical Society which states;

According to the Wilderness Medical Society, water temperatures above 160° F (70° C) kill all pathogens within 30 minutes and above 185° F (85° C) within a few minutes. So in the time it takes for the water to reach the boiling point (212° F or 100° C) from 160° F (70° C), all pathogens will be killed, even at high altitude.

What is not well known is that contaminated water can be pasteurized at temperatures well below boiling, just like milk, which is commonly pasteurized at  160°F (71°C).

So there you have it.  Water is fully pasteurized by the time it hits its boiling temperature.  Any further boiling and you are wasting time and resources like fuel for the fire and the water itself through evaporation.

It is always good to have proper equipment for collecting clean water, but in a survival situation you need to know how to collect clean water without your gear.

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