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The newly approved Burnt Jacket Shores at Moosehead Lake experienced its first ice out on Maine’s biggest lake which was on tax day, 2010.  This was the second earliest since records have been kept dating back to the 1800’s.  It missed tying the record by one day.

This early ice out on Moosehead coincides with the early spring that we have been experiencing in Maine.  Winter really lost its grip here in early February and the weather has been the nicest in years.

Because of this, Wilderness Realty is excited about the long season and beautiful weather to promote this unique lakeside community.  We are in the preliminary stages of planning an open house or two.  The roads and trails are all constructed, the snow is melted and brokers are now taking appointments for those who plan to be in the area or may have scheduling conflicts with the open house dates.

In addition, if you would like to be on our mailing list and receive special notices, kindly contact us by phone (207-947-7957) or e-mail (

This should give folks plenty of time to plan a visit.  Hope to see you this year!


Wilderness Realty makes this most sincere wish to all our friends during the Holiday Season!

 Looking forward to a busy 2010.  We have some exciting properties in the pipeline along with our newly approved Burnt Jacket Shores at Moosehead Lake project; located in Maine’s vast wilderness interior.


RIGHT NOW is prime time for fall foliage viewing.  The western mountains, Moosehead Region and northern Maine are peak.  Central Maine should be peaking next week.  Mid coast and Southern Maine will be soon after that.


October weather in Maine is quite comfortable with mild days and cool nights.  Fall harvests are nearly complete and there are many roadside stands selling apples, cider, pumpkins and other fall goodies.  The summer crowds are gone and there is plenty of lodging available.

While you are here, consider viewing some of our properties.  We have some really nice land parcels in Central Maine, the western mountains and Aroostook County.  Our brokers are available both weekdays and weekends.  Give us a call and set up a time for a showing.


With the dog days upon us and Maine being generally cooler than the rest of the Eastern Seaboard, many people plan their vacations for this time of year in the Pine Tree State.  It’s a beautiful State with a diversity of attractions.  The most famous is its thousands of miles of bold coastline and quaint fishing villages.

Other points of interest include the mountains along its western border with New Hampshire and Quebec Province boasting expansive vistas of unbroken forests.  Of course one must not forget interior Maine with its multitude of sparkling freshwater lakes beckoning boaters, fishers and swimmers.

For many, the attractiveness of the State keeps them coming back for repeat visits.  If you are one of these folks, perhaps you should consider owning a piece of Maine.  Wilderness Realty has a selection of prime recreational land tracts tucked away in the hinterlands of the State.

Land prices in Maine, when compared to other parts of the east coast, are cheap.  There are many good parcels priced around $1000/acre.  Check out the 45 acres in Dover-Foxcroft for $47,900 or the 88 acres in Fairfield for $89,900.

Waterfront land is generally more expensive, but Maine prices are still well below that of other areas.  5 acres on a pristine Maine river for $19,900 is a steal!  How about 41 acres with TWO streams, year round access, power & phone for $59,900.  You can find information on both on our website.

Finally, we are excited about our new venture on Moosehead Lake.  We are offering, perhaps, the first lakeside community on Moosehead to be available to the general public in the past 3 or 4 decades.  Burnt Jacket Shores at Moosehead Lake is a well planned, exclusive development located in the sleepy little village of Beaver Cove.

New information is currently being plugged into The Burnt Jacket website and it should be up and running by the middle of next week.  For the eager blog reader who cannot wait, call for a brochure, map and price list (207-947-7957).  Give us your mailing address and we will promptly get a package out to you.

Current Events – Where to Invest?

Since the last posting, economic news is just getting better.  The DOW is well over 9000, pending home sales is up for the 5th straight month and consumer spending is up for the 2nd straight month.

Where to put your money?

Stocks?–still scary.

Bonds?–better, but I don’t know.


Commodities?–only if you’re a former first lady.

A good place to put your hard earned cash is in MAINE LAND; that ULTIMATE SAFE HAVEN  which is set to rise in value along with the rest of the market.  Just a few years ago there were some large land sales in the south that averaged over $15K/acre.  Much of Wilderness Realty’s larger land holdings range from $1000 to $2000 per acre.  Check out our offerings on the website.

Also coming soon, Burnt Jacket website is currently being updated to include new information regarding BURNT JACKET SHORES AT MOOSEHEAD LAKE.  Only a handful of properties are being offered in this exclusive lakeside community on Moosehead Lake; the first “new” lots offered for sale in decades.

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