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These Ducks Like Burnt Jacket

July 24, 2014 by  
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Ducks at the Chalet

Ducks at the Chalet

The other day, I was inspecting the trails on the various lots of Burnt Jacket Shores at Moosehead Lake. I decided to take a stroll on the path from the Chalet on Lot S-10 to the dock. Near where the trail first gets close to the lake, I spotted two ducks resting on a nearby rock not more than 50 feet away. The two hooded mergansers did not seem too concerned and just sat there. One even closed its eyes as if it were dozing.

I continued to the dock and the gorgeous water views. There were a few boats zipping about. The breeze was refreshing on that hot, humid afternoon. It actually seemed a bit cooler than at the chalet.

After a few minutes, I strolled back up the trail. The two ducks were still there, lazing about in the sun on the same rock; unfazed by my presence. As I made my way back to the pickup, I could not help wonder that such an idyllic spot on Moosehead Lake is waiting for some lucky person.

Moosehead Lake–3.48 Acres

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This Deer Likes Burnt Jacket

August 21, 2013 by  
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Buck at Burnt Jacket

A local camp owner on Burnt Jacket Peninsula took advantage of a rare opportunity to snap a couple of pictures of this buck enjoying the clover.  Now I realize there must be a million pictures of deer on the internet.  What makes these so unique is that the photographer was able to capture clear, readable images of the Burnt Jacket signs in the foreground; a real estate broker’s dream.

The kind land owner shared these with me; for which I am extremely grateful.  We have been watching this particular deer over the course of the summer as his antlers started out as spikes and are continually growing to at least 6 points.  He seems to enjoy the lush grass growing in the common areas and roadsides.  Unfortunately, he would make himself visible when we had no camera—so thanks again most gracious camp owner.

If you are looking for waterfront property on Moosehead Lake, kindly visit the Burnt Jacket website.  If this buck likes it here, perhaps you will too.  Contact us for a private showing.

The Burnt Jacket Buck


Burnt Jacket Mountain

July 22, 2013 by  
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Burnt Jacket Mountain

Burnt Jacket Mountain from the air

As noted before, the trail to the summit of Burnt Jacket Mountain is open to the public.  This short hike takes one through the dense Maine forest to a rock outcrop with stunning, nearly 360° views of Moosehead Lake.

Writer and photographer Deirdre Flemming of the Portland Press Herald made the relatively easy trek recently to catch the breathtaking views.  You can catch her article of the trip as well as her thoughts regarding this beautiful yet quiet area of Maine.

Burnt Jacket Mountain Trail

June 26, 2013 by  
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Burnt Jacket Mountain Trail

Open June 1st to October 31st

The folks at Burnt Jacket have graciously opened the Burnt Jacket Mountain Trail to the public this year. This trail is easily reached from the Burnt Jacket Road. It is about a 7 mile drive from Greenville. Follow the signs to the parking area; from there follow an old woods road to the trail itself.

This is an easy climb to the summit which is about a mile in length. Be sure to sign the book located in the rock cairn at the trail’s terminus. Enjoy the sweeping views of Moosehead Lake from the various vantage points.

For more information visit the Bangor Daily News website and read Aislinn Sarnacki’s article and video on her recent hike up Burnt Jacket Mountain as part of her summer series “One Minute Hikes” in Maine.

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