Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Wilderness Realty, Inc.

Maine Land Sales Specialists

About Wilderness Realty, Inc.

Wilderness Realty has been around for nearly 20 years. We primarily sell land in Maine for second homes, investment and recreation. Occassionally we will have a home, farm or cabin in our inventory.

Our listings can be most anywhere in Maine, but lately our concentration has been the mid and upper Kennebec River watershed and the western Maine mountains.

Wilderness Realty is the exclusive listing agent for the BURNT JACKET project, which is located on Moosehead Lake in Beaver Cove, Maine, just six miles north of Greenville. The site is located on a large peninsula that juts out into Moosehead Lake. Its prominent feature is Burnt Jacket Mountain, hence its namesake.

Please check out all our current listings. We look forward to your questions and the opportunity to assist you.

About My Land!

First and foremost let me give you a brief history regarding my property.  It is 78 acres in size, bisected by a State highway (with very light traffic) and there is nearly 1100 feet on the Penobscot River.  I purchased it over time in 3 parcels.  The first 49 acres was purchased in 1988 for $13,750.  It is rectangular in shape and is split by a State road.  To the north and east, another 27 acres was bought in 1997 for $8000.  This piece wraps around the east rectangle to form an L shape and gave me the river frontage.  The final parcel of two acres was purchased in 2004 for $5000.  My total cost for the property is $26,750 or approximately $343/acre.

I built my home about 450’ in from the road on the west rectangle in 1989-90 near the south line.  The 2 acres purchased in 2004 serves as an additional 200’ buffer between my neighbor to the south and my home.

The property is mostly wooded except where I cleared about 1.5 acres for my home, lawn and garden.  I planted about 150 fir trees in the open area and keep them trimmed for Christmas trees.  On the east rectangle there is about 3-4 acres of open swamp land and another approximately 1 acre open swath where a pipeline runs parallel to and about 100’ from the State road.

In the future I will discuss various activities that I enjoy on my land.  The above description should, hopefully, allow the reader to visualize where the particular pursuit is occurring.